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I was taught the art of crochet from my older sisters who learned it from my grandmother. Sadly I never knew her, but my sisters taught me well. I have been told that there wasn't anything she could not crochet.

I have been crocheting now for 20+ years. I started with baby blankets, then moved onto doll clothes.

I started making dolls about 15 years ago with the 15" fashion dolls made from yarn. I made several of these for Christmas gifts, and sold quite a few of them.

I started doing Barbie clothes when one of my sisters began collecting Barbies. I wanted to give her something from the heart for Christmas and knowing her love for Barbies, I began making the Paradise dolls for her. She now has several of them.

Several years ago, I began making the Paradise dolls for my 3 daughters. I make one for each of them every year for Christmas. My goal is to have made one of each pattern there is. I am about 1/4 done with this goal.

A few years ago I began making and selling the Kelly outfits, and have even made a few of the little Krissy outfits. It was my Husband's wisdom that caused me to type up the instructions for the Kelly outfits. It was also his idea to sell them. I have been selling my designs for since 2003.

I still make and sell Barbie outfits, and have begun to design some of my own instead of using patterns. For this purpose I collect "naked" Barbies that need to be "rescued" to make clothing for. I haven't had the gumption to type any of those up, so every Barbie outfit I design is definately one of a kind.

By request this year (2004), I began designing for Fashion Royalty dolls. I hope my designs can live up to them.

I like to do what alot of people call "rescuing" dolls. I find used Barbies that still have alot of life left in them. I bring them home (have bought alot from eBay), wash them with a mild detergent, disinfect them, wash and comb out their hair (if they have any), then put them in a plastic container for keep until I want to use them for a design.

When I design a Barbie Gown, first I choose the doll. I then look for colors that would compliment that particular doll. All the beads and sequins are counted out and strung on the crochet thread, then crocheted into the piece (unless otherwise stated in any of my auctions, there is only so much I can crochet into a piece). All appliques are sewn on by hand instead of iron on (makes them harder to be pulled off). I use snaps instead of velcro because I don't care for the way velcro "grabs" the crochet thread.

All of my threads are woven into the dress, so there are none loose. My work will not unravel unless it is abused (cut with scissors, beads pulled off, etc.)

I picture the type of dress I want to make, then start crocheting. I try the dress on the doll as I go to make sure I get a tailored fit. Each gown I make is made for the doll it is shown in. I know that Barbie dresses are interchangeable, but I like the "custom" look. At the buyer's request, I will change the doll to one of a different hair color, if I have it on hand.

After each outfit is finished, I then wash it. I have 2 younger daughters and a son who love to handle all of my work, so I make sure it is clean. This also insures that it will hold up. I include washing instructions with all of my Barbie purchases (they are either emailed to the recipient, or mailed along with the doll).

When I do a Kelly or Krissy outfit, I try to make an outfit that you would see a child wear. As with the Barbie's, I try them on as I go to make sure they fit. I do make some custom dolls, so don't be afraid to email me and ask. If I have time to make them, I will.

I love to crochet for Barbie and friends, but especially love to get emails from people who have purchased one of my outfits, and liked the quality of my work. I spend alot of time on my creations, giving each one lots of attention to detail, and want to know my buyers opinions.

What Others Have Said About My Work

Thank you so much...it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I hope to purchase more patterns from you in the near future. You are a truly gifted artist! I can't wait to try these patterns out for my daughter

They are gorgeous, I love that little beachcomber

The gowns are absolutely fabulous. I have my fingers crossed on the next one!

The outfit arrived and I just had to dress up a Kelly right away! She looks just adorable in it! The quality of your work is wonderful and doesn't show up in the pictures, and the outfit is just so very pretty.

I received the mermaid & merboy outfits today. They are wonderful and look so much like a fish body with all the sequins. I love them!!

I am so happy I got these items as I always am with you work.

Very cute dress!! Thanks so much!!

Their beautiful, thank you so much!

My beautiful dancer arrived yesterday. She is SO lovely!!!! I am amazed at the beautiful details, and so delicately done. She is just GORGEOUS!!! I have her in a position of honor - "high up" on my display (which means - she's SAFE from my youngest grand-daughter's attentions!!!).

Kelly's Karate outfit
black belt at such a young age


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