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Sweet Silver Creations

18" American Girl and Mini American Girl dolls

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I have been playing around a little bit with some designs for different dolls.  These are for the American Girl 18 inch and Mini dolls.  They were fun to do and I hope to be able to come up with more in the future.

Each pattern has been typed up in microsoft wordpad and saved to my computer in PDF format.  They will be emailed to you once I receive payment.  These are large files, please make sure you have enough room in your email account for them.

I do not mind anyone selling their finished product from my patterns.  However, these patterns are copyright protected.  They are for your personal use only.
This collection of patterns may not be resold in part, as a whole or by adding to them.  With your purchase, you are agreeing to these terms

AG Mini Doll Outfits

AG Mini - Back To School
Item #AGM-001

AG Mini - Cowgirl
Item # AGM-002
currently unavailable

AG Mini - Kimono
 photo 10c9d714-5b3c-4425-9233-99c843ad1c0e.jpg
Item #AGM-003

 photo AGMini-Kimonoallsides.jpg

AG Mini - Sailor Dress
Item #AGM-004

AG Mini - Sundress
Item #AGM-005

AG Mini - Eskimo 1

Item #AGM-006

AG Mini - Eskimo 2

Item #AGM-007

AG Mini - Ballerina

Item #AGM-008

AG Mini - Hawaiian

Item #AGM-009

AGMini - Belle
 photo 80312ba2-b0ce-4f40-ac10-e8bd0dfd4481.jpg
Item #AGM-010

AG Mini - Jasmine

Item #AGM-011

AGMini - Cinderella
 photo a42a8023-ca6a-4daa-9c4a-1d40ac95a0c5.jpg
Item #AGM-012

AGMini - Snow White
 photo 406dbc27-4e7c-432b-a2df-bfdebe8e5366.jpg
Item #AGM-013

AGMini - Sleeping Beauty
 photo 8b034879-084c-44a1-aa69-e80bbbe0acbc.jpg
Item #AGM-014

AG Mini - Cheerleader

Item #AGM-015

AGMini - Patchwork
 photo 750915a3-1502-4fd4-be1e-753904e73af3.jpg
Item #AGM-016

AGMini - Nightgown
 photo 31748a24-a8e7-433d-9a78-220e6e7ad823.jpg
Item #AGM-017



18 inch American Girl or similar size doll outfits

AG - Cinderella
 photo AG20-201820inch20Cinderella202.jpg
Item #AG-001


AG - Jasmine
 photo 9a919192-c3b3-4439-991c-4cb1dbcf417d.jpg
Item #AG-002


AG - Snow White
 photo 517d710c-2bb1-4e7e-8d8f-8205c5232031.jpg
Item #AG-003


AG - Sleeping Beauty
 photo 61c4e1e6-4e86-44c6-8739-c0f6c41068ea.jpg
Item #AG-004


AG - Belle
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Belle202.jpg
Item #AG-005


18 inch American Girl patterns - Set 001

This set includes the following patterns
Snow White,
Sleeping Beauty
and Belle

Item #AGS-001


AG - Ariel
 photo dbc78cdd-0f6c-44cd-aaac-644ee77294c2.jpg
Item #AG-006


AG - Rapunzel
 photo 34fc163f-c780-43c3-9aa6-6b3140bac61f.jpg
Item #AG-007


AG - Merida (Brave)
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Merida201.jpg
Item #AG-008


AG - Elsa
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Elsa201.jpg
Item #AG-009


AG - Anna
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Frozen20Anna201.jpg
Item #AG-010


18 inch American Girl patterns - Set 002

This set includes the following patterns
and Anna

Item #AGS-002


AG - Sailor
 photo AG-201820inch20-20Sailor202.jpg
Item #AG-011


AG - Sundress
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Sundress201.jpg
Item #AG-012


AG - Nightgown & Bunny slippers  photo f40048b0-5caa-40e7-ba0b-7e8a27162d44.jpg
Item #AG-013


AG - Cheerleader
 photo AG20-201820inch20-20Cheerleader204.jpg
Item #AG-014


AG - Hawaiian
 photo 5456af9a-0399-4f0e-9817-25e50bb4656f.jpg
Item #AG-015


18 inch American Girl patterns - Set 003

This set includes the following patterns
and Hawaiian

Item #AGS-003


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